Managing in the age of super-delegation

Purpose, People and Process

Our big message for SMEs is to get ready in 2021 for success in the decade ahead. The secret lies in building a truly modern, agile organisation.

In this eBlog, we highlight what this means and the benefits to be gained.

The age of super-delegation

Across the globe, societies are becoming more collaborative and much less hierarchal.  The reasons are, likely, a mix of the pressure to compete, improving education and more empowering technology.

Business is under the same pressure to be more collaborative both in terms of how they work with third parties and the workings of their internal organisation. After years of being encouraged to delegate, today’s leaders are about to enter the age of super-delegation.

The benefits

This environment is not a threat.  Indeed, for SMEs it provides a huge opportunity to gain significant advantage over their larger, slower moving competitors.

The modern, agile organisation has many benefits. It’s more efficient because it needs still less middle management.  It‘s more responsive to the needs and desires of its customers, using the inter-face to be more creative.  Finally, teams drive their own continuously improving performance achieving much better outcomes than from top-down commands.

In short, business organisations are going to become dynamic. The best will thrive at the expense of those slow to adapt.

Rising to the challenge

In the decade ahead, success is going to be determined by business having:

  • a positive culture, forming and encouraging the right behaviours by its people.
  • better, high performance teams making many more decisions especially where they relate to customers.
  • the right people who thrive in a modern, collaborative team environment and contribute to the business culture
  • modern processes to orchestrate these teams and make them accountable
  • an agile capital base so that working capital reaches where it needs to be much more quickly.
The good news is that this isn’t difficult to achieve but it does require leadership to understand the need for action today and the benefits to be gained from doing so.

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