Do for your people, as you do for your customer


 lot is talked about the benefits of building a great Customer Journey.  We agree. Equally important is its sister, the Employee Journey.

Mapping the Employee Journey

Mapping the Employee Journey enables your leadership to better understand how you
are going to identify, recruit, onboard and develop the right people.  It helps you provide
a compelling offer to your people and let’s them see you care. 

It also gives you strong protection against external recruiters because, likely, they won’t have a valid alternative.

Inevitably, you might miss out on some talent because they’re overwhelmed by the Employee Journey being spelt out.  That’s OK because, by definition, they won’t be the
right people for your business.

The Four Factors

Applying the Four Factors lies at the heart of a compelling Employee Journey. We
illustrate why in this six slide presentation.

See this quick illustration: 
combine the Four Factors to turbo-charge the performance of your teams

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