FIGHTBACK 21 campaign

Our key message is COVID19 provides SMEs with a golden opportunity to get their organisation ready for success in the decade ahead.

Many great businesses appear from downturns because the stress makes them do things differently.This time around will be no different, given COVID19 has created an incredibly positive environment for innovation and change.

In our FIGHTBACK 21 campaign, we listed the four principal steps for SMEs to make success happen (see below).Our goal is to inspire SMEs leaders to take the vital, first step and,from that, seize the opportunity.

The secret for success lies in building a modern, agile organisation.

We help SMEs achieve this, easily and quickly, by providing a comprehensive, one-stop solution.

Our one-stop solution

Our solution is, itself, a simple innovation because it crosses the conventional dividing lines between technology, process, people and culture, marketing, sales and investment.

The quality of each of these individual components is important. But,the success of every business is driven by how well they interface with each other.

We addressed this powerful factor in our eBlogs over the last few weeks.

The question for you

The question for SME leaders is how well do these elements interface within your business?  And, to what extent is that going to hold you back in the years ahead if you don’t tackle it now?

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The Four Key Steps to Success:

1:  Leadership’s desire to use COVID19 to become a better, stronger business

It all starts with the leadership seeing the opportunity provided by COVID19 and acting upon it. Our aim is to inform, inspire and help leadership to grasp this opportunity. 

2:  Build a truly modern, agile organisation

The pandemic has shown how organisations can be operated differently and many people see the benefits of doing so. This acceptance of change is an opportunity for SMEs to modernise their business and appeal to both future talent and customers.

3:  Use that agility to become customer centric

Customer centricity – placing the customer at the heart of the business – is a vital part of business success.  It requires your people to build a 360 degree view of every customer.

The two concepts are much discussed and rarely achieved.  Businesses that do will succeed at the cost of those that struggle.

 4: Combine the right processes with the right technology

The right technology enables your people to be more productive, communicate better with colleagues and customers and for you and your directors to use the right processes to manage the performance and make better, more informed decisions. 

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Success = Leadership + Organisation
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