The King is dead, long live the King


The cult of the star individual is dead. In the decade ahead, SMEs with the best teams
will enjoy the strongest and most resilient success.

Right People, Right Teams

The key today is right people, right teams.  Achieving this will help you tremendously to attract and retain the talent you need to succeed; and, the customers will soon follow.

In today’s complex and fast changing world, the best talent enjoys working in proper, functional teams.  Equally, they dislike inefficient structures or, for that matter,    dysfunctional managers.

Incredibly, still, 65% of people leave their jobs because of their manager.  The problem gives too much opportunity for external recruiters. 

The Four Factors

The solution for Right People, Right Teams lies in the Four Factors of Success and how they are incorporated within an organisation. The better the flow between them, the   greater the success.

See this quick illustration: 
combine the Four Factors to turbo-charge the performance of your teams

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