Agile & The Customer Hub

Being modern and agile enables you to build a truly customer centric business and enjoy the many benefits this discipline brings.

Here, we define customer centricity and highlight the vital role played by the Customer Hub.

Being customer centric

It’s not easy to achieve.  It requires the right mindset and commitment to place the customer at the heart of everything your people do.  It requires them, before undertaking any action, to say: “how is this action going to make it simpler for customers to do business with us and give them a great customer experience; and how can we improve it.”

Crucially, it also requires everyone in the business to understand their customers and the value of their specific touch-point.

The Customer Hub 

Being customer centric requires the business to have built a 360 degree view of the customer or, as we call it, the Customer Hub. In effect it’s the next, more dynamic generation of CRM.

Customers & Technology

Building the Customer Hub requires the right internal discipline and culture to implement it. It also requires the right technology to seamlessly collect information on the customer at every touch-point including their needs, preferences and other market information. 

The technology should give your people ready access to the data and a vital insight into the performance of their touch-point and how it can be improved.

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