The key to modern and agile

Process, Technology and Data

The journey for a business towards modern and agile is already underway, but post pandemic the need to achieve this has escalated.

In this eBlog, we highlight the vital role of the process management system within a modern, agile business. 

Given the rapid pace of change, most SMEs are at severe risk of their existing systems holding them back in the decade ahead.
COVID19 provides a golden opportunity for SMEs to resolve this issue by building a platform that can fully accommodate future growth, change and success.

Process management

Process management has three vital elements. The design of the process, its inter-play with the enabling technology and the management of the data it produces. 

Over the last decade, the pace of change has been rapid. Businesses have responded by adapting their existing systems, making short-term fixes and investing in new applications

Whilst these solutions, in isolation, have been necessary and sensible, each has a cumulative cost to the 
integrity and coherence of the system. The result is a more complex and cumbersome system with limited capacity to accommodate more short-term fixes in the future.

The problem created by COVID19 

Over the last year, the pandemic has required businesses to address five years worth of change. Going forward, the pace of change is unlikely to slow.

The big question is whether business responds by making another 5 years worth of short-term fixes or, more sensibly, by building a modern and agile process management system.  

The right solution would be to consolidate the existing system and future proof it. 

Rising to the challenge 

Common sense dictates now is the time for ambitious SMEs to, at least, review their process management platform and, at the same time, get everyone ready for the journey ahead.   

COVID19 has produced an enormous catalyst for change. From being in lock-down, people see the benefits that change can bring. Their natural resistance to change is at an all-time low.

The current economic downturn gives SMEs time to make fundamental changes to its processes and the way they are managed.

The benefits of a modern process management system

Modernising its process management system, of course, makes the business more efficient and fundamentally more profitable.  It also provides other profound benefits, essential for success in the decade ahead. 

  • Creativityyour people will be more productive, creative and responsive to your customers
  • Communication: the business and your people will communicate better and more effectively both internally, with colleagues, and to the external world
  • Better data:  the business will collect more, better quality data
  • Better insight: this data will enable you to better understand your customers and employees, enabling you to serve them better and, for them, to appreciate you more
  • More informed decisions: across the business your people will make better, more informed decisions
  • Continuous Improvement:  you can more strongly promote the journey of continuous improvement because people will have the data to help them and you will have a better process to encourage them.

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